Fraver; A Broadway Legend – Full Set


This is The Fraver Collection; inspired by the Drama Desk award-winning artwork of Frank “Fraver” Verlizzo, as captured in his book “Fraver By Design.”

As a Broadway Legend he has spent his professional life designing theatre poster art. There are images that are in our minds because they were in his first. I’m so honored to have done this collection, not only as a fan, but as a friend.

Personal note; We love you Frank and are so very proud to know you and proud to call you family!💋💋🐾🐾

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Fraver; A Broadway Legend Collection

Carrie – Obviously I wanted the flame look here. So it’s a red jelly with gold and silver irregular cut flakes. For the disco ball, I used holo flakes. The dimensions of this are incredible!

The Lion King ©Disney – Here we have copper and gold flakes with micro red metallic flakes added sparingly. I also added holo flakes here just to up the sparkle.

Little Dancer – this is a gold flake foil with shifting flakes in pink green, and purple… and many more colors! I finished it with holo flakes as well!

Songs in the Key Of Life – It’s a micromixing blue and black to create a navy blue holographic backdrop. Much like the poster. There’s also larger glitter in light blue, red, orange, and gold. The colors that create a rainbow effect around the bottom of the poster, and bounce off Stevie.

Sweeney Todd. It was a Broadway Show before a Johnny Depp movie;) This is a micro silver glitter bomb with random cut black holo glitter and red glitter dots added sparingly.

Obeah Opera- this is a black jelly with gold flakes, and shifting flakes in purple, green, bronze & blue. Topped off with holo flakes.





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