Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo – she is a minty aqua creally with pink, green, and gold iridescent flakes that shift aqua, lavender, and amber

Frida Kahlo was promising student headed for medical school until a traffic accident at age eighteen, that killed several people and fractured Kahlo’s ribs, displaced three vertebrae broke her legs and her collarbone. An iron handrail impaled her through her pelvis, fracturing the pelvic bone. This caused her lifelong pain and medical problems. The illness forced her to be isolated, and made her reclusive. One of her friends Andrés Henestrosa stated that Kahlo “lived dying” Eventually, She began a relationship with Rivera, who was 20 years her senior, and had two common-law wives. Regardless, her father approved of Rivera, who was wealthy and therefore able to support Kahlo, who could not work and had to receive expensive medical treatment undergoing an appendectomy, two abortions, and the amputations of her toes, and countless other operations, during her marriage. While that both had extramarital affairs (both with women) it was his affair with her baby sister that hurt her most. Through her pain she paints, throughout her life it was her outlet, but was not given recognition for it, while husband was for his works. Finally in 1954 she finally had her first show, and it opened to great reviews!! By that point her pain was unbearable, and simply breathing was excruciating. One week after her first and only show, Frida Kahlo Died. The official cause of death for her was pulmonary embolism, although no autopsy was performed. Kahlo, in fact, committed suicide. The nurse, who counted Kahlo’s painkillers, stated that Kahlo had taken an overdose the night. She had also given her husband an anniversary present that evening, over a month in advance. She was 47 years old.
Frida Kahlo is a Woman Done Wrong, and we honor and thank you!

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This is our annual Valentines collection. If you’ve been with us a while you’ll know I HATE valentines, so instead of the typical valentines day collection. We give a spotlight to incredible women that have been done wrong throughout literature, history, music, and current events. So this is our Valentine to Women Done Wrong. I’m including a small write up of how they were done wrong, below the polish description. Feel free to skip it. There’s no quiz;)


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