I Do Be A Stubborn Slick


This is “I Do Be A Stubborn Slick” from the “Oil Slick 360 Collection The Pastel Edition.” Because these are the first-ever pastel multi chromes there are a lot of new things. I’m writing all the particulars below the color stages for those who want more information. Every single one of these polishes, I used one color as the main color to bounce the shifts off of. Then I used 8-15 colors in creating the shifts.


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I like very thin coats, so three is my magic number. The first will be super sheer! The second builds really beautifully! Third a great thin finish! If you don’t like very thin coats, then two regular will give you full opacity as well. That is what most of the swatches reported to me. Finally, my quick-dry formula is still in play with these! No trips to Polish Mountain and they are quick to dry! What else could you want?

Additional information

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .75 in
The colors you can expect to see

Primary- Lavender, Pink, Mauve
Secondary- Turquoise, Lime, Teal
Tertiary- Aqua, Cobalt, Purple


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