It’s a Drag Collection Set of 6

The “It’s A Drag Collection” is available in sets at reduced prices. You can purchase a set of 6 for $43. A set of 12 for $80, or the entire set of 20 for $140… Choose the colors ensuring you love everyone you purchase!

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See Me With Them Hands
Feelin' The Fantasy
You Think You're Clever, Don't You?
Category Is...
Tongue Pop
Calm Down Beyoncé
She Already Done Had Hers'es
Lil PoundCake
Queen Down
Really Queen?
Sissy That Walk
The Rest Is Drag
The Shade Of It All
The Library Is Open
Jesus Is A Biscuit
Purse First
Oh No You Better Don't
Not Today Satan
May I Call You Jiggly?
Basic Bitches Not Wanted
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It’s a Drag Collection

See Me With Them Hands (Deep Red)
Not Today Satan (Bright Red)
Sissy That Walk (Hot Pink)
Purse First (Light Pink)
Lil’ PoundCake (Pink W/ Hot Pink Chunks)
May I Call You Jiggly?(Orange)
The Rest Is Drag…(Gold)
Oh No You Better Don’t (Greenish Aqua)
She Already Done Has Hers’es (Pale Green)
The Shade Of It All (Green)
The Library Is Open (Beautiful Blue)
Queen Down (Deep Electric Blue)
Calm Down Beyoncé (Blue & Purple mix)
Really Queen?!? (Purple)
Tongue POP (Warm Purple)
Jesus Is A Biscuit(Chocolate Brown)
Feelin’ The Fantasy (White Iridescent)
Basic Bitches Not Wanted (Silver)
Category Is… (Grey)
You Think You’re Clever Don’t You? (Black)


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