Joan Of Arc


Joan of Arc is a warm and beautiful brown jelly with gold sparkle. The flames are represented with red metal flakes that shift gold and green. Finally, I added holographic flakes for a spark;)

Joan Of Arc was a young peasant girl who said God spoke to her and told her to lead the French army to victory. She led her army in thirteen battles winning nine. In the end, Joan was ordered to answer some 70 charges against her, including witchcraft, heresy, and dressing like a man. She was convicted and burned at the stake at 19 years old. In 1456, an inquisitorial court examined the trial, debunked the charges against her, pronounced her innocent, and declared her a martyr.

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This is our Anti-Valentines collection. If you’ve been with us a while you’ll know I HATE valentines! Always have! I dreaded it when I was in school. It made me terribly uncomfortable to have to write valentines to classmates I didn’t like. Anyhoo, because of this, I don’t do typical lovey-dovey Valentine’s crap! So this is the Women Done Wrong Collection. I’m including a small write up of how they were done wrong. Feel free to skip it. There’s no quiz.

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Brown, Foil Red


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