Linear Holos Collection Set of 18

For those new to our brand. We put out a set of six Holos every season. I worked really hard on these formulas so that they wouldn’t only be beautiful in direct light, but out as well. If you have purchased holos before, I’m sure you’ve noticed the lighter colors (when not in direct light) can have a grey cast to them. These maintain the brightness of the color, no matter the lighting. My holos are also a thinner base, I like a thinner base because they last longer on the nail, and dry faster. (Not to mention the bottle will last you forever!!) They can be layered over other colors to create your own custom holos adding dimension to any mani. They are opaque on its own with two to three thin coats. I love versatility!

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Waltz Of The Flowers
Twinkling Lights
Toasted Marshmello
Tanqueray Martini
Sweater Weather
Sparkle & Shine
Snow Angel
Row Row Row Your Boat
Ice Skating
Hot Cider
Hat & Mittens
Glitz & Glamour
Who You Calling A Dwarf Planet
Cherry Blossom
Champagne Fountain
Fresh Picked Peonies
Beach Glass
Blueberry Scone
Chopping Wood
Cool Night Sky
Disco Daze
Go Fly A Kite
Green Thumb
Lavender Sachet
Lilac Bouquet
Mint Julep
Raspberry Beret
Olive Branch
Picnic In The Park
Plum Butter
Puddle Splashing
Pumpkin Patch
Bayberry Wreath
Rum Raisin
Sand Dollar
Space Station Quickie
You Off My Planet
Blue Spruce
Golden Sands
Oceanfront Property
Apple Picking
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Linear HOLOs Collection

Poinsettia – Foil Red

Apple Picking – Bright red

Raspberry Beret – Mauve

Hat & Mittens – Pink/Lavender

Space Station Quickie – Barbie pink

Cherry Blossom – Light pink

Fresh Picked Peonies – Sweet pink

Snow Angel – Light pink

Who You Calling a Dwarf Planet? – Vibrant orange

Pumpkin Patch – Vibrant fall orange

Puddle Splashing – Warm brown

Probe – Yellow

Go Fly a Kite – Pale Yellow

Twinkling Lights – Pale gold

Champagne Fountain – Pale champagne gold

Toasted Marshmello – Pale warm gold

Hayride – Tan/Nude

Golden Sands – Golden tan/nude

Hot Cider – Silvery tan/nude

Luminary – Warm bronze

Green Thumb – Light green

Envy – Light sage green

Olive Branch – Olive green

Bayberry Wreath – Teal/Olive

Mint Julep – Mint green



Tanqueray Martini – Pale silvery green

Jupiter – Spring green

Mistletoe – Christma green

Picnic in the Park – Forest green

Blue Spruce – Greenish Blue

Sweater Weather – Midtone Ice Blue

Cool Night Sky – Navy blue

You Off My Planet – Bright blue

Blueberry Scone – Deep blue

Beach Glass – Cool blue

Row Row Row Your Boat – Baby blue

Ice Skating – Ice blue

Oceanfront Property – Ocean blue

Heliotrope – Maroon/Purple

Plum Butter – Mauve grey purple

Waltz of the Flowers – Purple with flecks of gold

Lilac Bouquet – Lavender

Rum Raisen – Black

Disco Daze – Silver

Sand Dollar – White Gold

Chopping Wood – Warm brown

Sparkle & Shine – Copper

Glitz & Glamour – Gold

Uranus – Warm Purple



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Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .75 in

Warm Purple


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