Magic Dust Set of 6

This is the Magic Dust Collection! There are 12 colors in all, you choose 6 colors! I named this collection after fairy tales. When creating them, I felt they looked like the magic dust you see in Disney movies! They are all Mega holos with holo flakies added for extra dimension. These are dynamic even in low light. (I’ve included photos above as proof!) They can be worn alone with two very thin coats, but it can be layered on top of other colors to create your own Flakie Holo! It’s incredibly versatile, and a lot of fun! I really am so proud of this collection, and I hope you guys love them as much as I do!

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The Looking Glass
A Whole New World
Ain't Never Had A Friend Like Me
Under The Sea
Glass Slipper
Kindergarden, Best 3 Years Of My Life
Spun Into Gold
Once Upon A Time
Circle Of Life
True Loves Kiss
Go Love Your Dream
The Kragel
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The Kragel – Red

Go Love Your Dream – Pink

True Loves Kiss – Pink

Circle Of Life – Amber

Once Upon A Time – Nude

Spun Into Gold – Pale Gold

Kindergarden, Best 3 Years Of My Life – Green

Glass Slipper – Light Blue

Under The Sea – Blue

Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me – Lavender

A Whole New World – Purple

The Looking Glass – Silver

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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