Noor Inayat Khan


Noor Inayat Khan didn’t wear much color, but I wanted something soft for her. She is a thermal cool she is a greyish lavender and warm pale pink. For interest I added gold and peach flakes that shift pink green, blue, and purple.
Noor Inayat Khan, was a woman of royal blood who was radio operator in Paris during its occupation in WW2. She was a quite and demure and somehow a phenomenal spy. Her work ethic was unmatched and even refused to leave for safety until replacements for her positions were found. Noor was caught, but gave up no information despite brutal torturing. She made constant escape attempts, and eventually they classified this young, shy, demure, woman of royal blood, “extremely dangerous.”( I love that detail!)
Safter years of torture and interrogations dhe was eventually sent for execution having never revealed her secrets. Her one last defiant act was her last word “liberté!” We honor and thank the brave and incredibly strong Princess Noor Inayat Khan!
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