Oil Slick 360 Set of 6

This is the full “Oil Slick 360 Collection, all three sets. There are 22 Oil Slicks overall, and you have three sets to choose from 6, 12, and all 22. You pick the colors in them, by adding your choices in the comments to seller section. The set of 6 is 10% off full-price, the set of 12 is 15% off, and the full set of 22 is 20% off the full price.

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Greeedy Slick
Swamp Slick
Slick and Jaded
Slick Like That
Stormin Slick
Street Slick
What a Royal Slick
Celery Slick
Call in Slick
Dragon Slick
Ocean Slick
Evening Slick
This is a Slick Up
Speak Softly & Carry A Big Slick
Match Slick
You Evil Slick
The Slickest Of Them All
Rebirth Of Slick
Fire Slick
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Oil Slick 360

Greeedy Slick – A gold, lime green to cobalt blue

Dragon Slick – Emerald green with a blue shift to a bronze gold

SeaSlick – Aqua with a turquoise sift to a cobalt

The Slickest of Them All – Purple with a blue shift to gold pink

You Evil Slick – Lavender grey with an aqua shift to a gold-green

Match Slick – Copper with a green-gold shift to blue

Speak Softly & Carry a Big Slick – Pink with a green and purple shift to hot pink

This is a Slick Up – Warm purple with a burgundy shift to a blue-green

Evening Slick – Gawgeous blue with a purple shift to a pink-orange

Ocean Slick – Blue with a purple shift to a bronze

Fire Slick – Red with a gold-bronze shift to light green

Call in Slick – Luscious green with an aqua shift to a violet

Celery Slick – Military green with a lime green shift to a red-purple
CandleSlick – Copper with a red bronze shift to a blue-green

LipSlick – Hot red-pink with a bronze shift to a blue-green

What a Royal Slick – royal purple with a pink and orange shift to navy blue

Street Slick – Warm purple with a blue shift to orange

Stormin Slick – Midnight blue with a purple shift to a rose gold

Slick Like That – Greenish blue with a hot pink shift to orange

Slick & Jaded – Pale champagne pink with a jade green shift to a blue

Rebirth of Slick – Magenta with a lime green shift to a blue

Swamp Slick – Lime green with an emerald green gift to moss green



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