Oil Slicks – Hybrids & Pastels Set of 6

This set is a combination of the Hybrid Oil Slicks & The Pastel Oil Slicks! This one includes 6 of them. You can either get 6 different variations or get 6 bottles of your favorite one. We also have options for 12 polishes & for the full set of 37polishes.

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Something Slicked This Way Comes
Slicks & Stones
Salem Slick Trials
Book of Slick
The Misfits
City Slickers
Drop Slick Gorgeous
Same Slick Different Day
Walk On The Slick Side
Slick On This
Wicked Slick Of The West
Slick Off & Die
Yellow Brick Slick
Watermelon BubbleSlick
Truly Madly Slick
Tickle Me Slick
Slick Days Of Summer
Slick & Slide
Slick & Juicy
Sand Slick
Lickity Slick
I Do Be A Stubborn Slick
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Oil Slick Pastels & Hybrids


Slick Off & Die – Aqua with a purple shift to gold

Wicked Slick of the West – Warm purple with a green shift to blue

Slick on This – Rose gold with a green shift to blue

Slickening – Green with a blue-grey shift to fuschia

Walk on the Slick Side – Orange with a green shift to blue
Same Slick Different Day – Pink with a cantaloupe shift to green

Drop Slick Gorgeous – Turquoise with an indigo-purple shift to gold

City Slickers – Navy with a purple shift to hot pink and gold


LimeSlickle – Lime with a mint shift to an aqua lavender

Yellow Brick Slick – Blue with a gold shift to blue

BootylishSlick – Hot pink with a peach-gold shift to bronze-green

Watermelon BubbleSlick – Champagne Pink with a gold shift to a cobalt

Tickle Me Slick – Pink with a cantaloupe shift to a green

Slicksicle – Sunset orange with a green shift to a blue

Slick Days of Summer – Peach copper with a grey shift to a nude
SandSlick – Blush nude with a green shift to a cobalt blue


Lickity Slick – Peach with an apple green shift to an aqua

SurfSlick – Aqua blue with a seafoam shift to a lavender

Slick & Juicy – Aqua with a blue-green shift to a fuchsia

Truly Madly Slick – Warm Lavender with a pink bronze shift to a green-blue

I Do Be a Stubborn Slick – Mauve pink with a turquoise shift to a cobalt

Jem & the Holograms 

First up is Jem – She is a cotton candy pink with neon fucsia around the edges. She has other colors like violet gold and green.

Second is Jerrica-  She is a pastel pink hot pink around the edges, gold, green, plus and purple.

Third is Kimber – She is a cantaloupe (?) color. She has lime green, aqua, purple, pink, gold and orange.

Fourth is the Misfits – She’s an electric green color. She has pink, orange, gold, and blue.

Fifth is Aja – She’s a cornflower blue. She has pink, green, gold, aqua, and orange.

Sixth is Synergy – She’s another cornflower blue (I couldn’t decide between them;) she has a nude, gold, green, aqua, and violet.

Seventh is Shana – She is a Fuchsia with purple around the edges. She has pink, green, blue, and gold.

Last is Rio – She is Violet, with a gold, green, aqua, purple and pink.


First up we have SlickCraft- she is a maroon with a glowing green iridescence that’s shift blue, hot pink, blue, and plum.
Second is BeSlicking- she is a coral (?) she has a green iridescence that shifts aqua and hot pink.
Third is Book Of Slick- pink with gold iridescence that shifts gold, green, aqua, blue, purple.
Fourth is BroomSlick- fiery pumpkin she shifts gold, green, aqua, and purple.
Fifth is Slicks & Stones- She is a sort of pinky nude that shifts green, aqua, purple, pink, and touches of blue.
Sixth is Something Slicked this way comes- she is cobalt blue that shifts purple, pink, gold, green, aqua, and blue.
Lastly is Salem Slick Trials- she is a warm plum that shifts green, blue, pink, and purple, and touches of gold.


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