Oil Slicks – Hybrids & Pastels Set of 6

This set is a combination of the Hybrid Oil Slicks & The Pastel Oil Slicks! This one includes 6 of them. You can either get 6 different variations or get 6 bottles of your favorite one. We also have options for 12 polishes & for the full set of 37polishes.

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Something Slicked This Way Comes
Slicks & Stones
Salem Slick Trials
Book of Slick
The Misfits
Slick On This
Slick Off & Die
Wicked Slick Of The West
Walk On The Slick Side
Same Slick Different Day
Drop Slick Gorgeous
City Slickers
Lickity Slick
Sand Slick
Slick & Juicy
Slick & Slide
Slick Days Of Summer
Tickle Me Slick
Truly Madly Slick
Watermelon BubbleSlick
Yellow Brick Slick
I Do Be A Stubborn Slick
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Oil Slick Pastels & Hybrids


Slick Off & Die – Aqua with a purple shift to gold

Wicked Slick of the West – Warm purple with a green shift to blue

Slick on This – Rose gold with a green shift to blue

Slickening – Green with a blue-grey shift to fuschia

Walk on the Slick Side – Orange with a green shift to blue
Same Slick Different Day – Pink with a cantaloupe shift to green

Drop Slick Gorgeous – Turquoise with an indigo-purple shift to gold

City Slickers – Navy with a purple shift to hot pink and gold


LimeSlickle – Lime with a mint shift to an aqua lavender

Yellow Brick Slick – Blue with a gold shift to blue

BootylishSlick – Hot pink with a peach-gold shift to bronze-green

Watermelon BubbleSlick – Champagne Pink with a gold shift to a cobalt

Tickle Me Slick – Pink with a cantaloupe shift to a green

Slicksicle – Sunset orange with a green shift to a blue

Slick Days of Summer – Peach copper with a grey shift to a nude
SandSlick – Blush nude with a green shift to a cobalt blue


Lickity Slick – Peach with an apple green shift to an aqua

SurfSlick – Aqua blue with a seafoam shift to a lavender

Slick & Juicy – Aqua with a blue-green shift to a fuchsia

Truly Madly Slick – Warm Lavender with a pink bronze shift to a green-blue

I Do Be a Stubborn Slick – Mauve pink with a turquoise shift to a cobalt

Jem & the Holograms 

First up is Jem – She is a cotton candy pink with neon fucsia around the edges. She has other colors like violet gold and green.

Second is Jerrica-  She is a pastel pink hot pink around the edges, gold, green, plus and purple.

Third is Kimber – She is a cantaloupe (?) color. She has lime green, aqua, purple, pink, gold and orange.

Fourth is the Misfits – She’s an electric green color. She has pink, orange, gold, and blue.

Fifth is Aja – She’s a cornflower blue. She has pink, green, gold, aqua, and orange.

Sixth is Synergy – She’s another cornflower blue (I couldn’t decide between them;) she has a nude, gold, green, aqua, and violet.

Seventh is Shana – She is a Fuchsia with purple around the edges. She has pink, green, blue, and gold.

Last is Rio – She is Violet, with a gold, green, aqua, purple and pink.


First up we have SlickCraft- she is a maroon with a glowing green iridescence that’s shift blue, hot pink, blue, and plum.
Second is BeSlicking- she is a coral (?) she has a green iridescence that shifts aqua and hot pink.
Third is Book Of Slick- pink with gold iridescence that shifts gold, green, aqua, blue, purple.
Fourth is BroomSlick- fiery pumpkin she shifts gold, green, aqua, and purple.
Fifth is Slicks & Stones- She is a sort of pinky nude that shifts green, aqua, purple, pink, and touches of blue.
Sixth is Something Slicked this way comes- she is cobalt blue that shifts purple, pink, gold, green, aqua, and blue.
Lastly is Salem Slick Trials- she is a warm plum that shifts green, blue, pink, and purple, and touches of gold.


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