Rosalind Franklin


Rosalind Franklin- I wanted to create a gold polish for the Nobel prize she never got; but you know me! I had to get all sparkle pimp on it! She has a gold random cut metal base with iridescent flakes in pink that shift green, lavender, and aqua. Finally finish with holographic flakes. You know I’m addicted to those right.

Rosalind Franklin Franklin is best known for her work on the X-ray diffraction images of DNA, particularly Photo 51, while at King’s College London, which led to the discovery of the DNA double helix for which James Watson, Francis Crickand Maurice Wilkins shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1962. Watson suggested that Franklin would have ideally been awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, along with Wilkins, but, although there was not yet a rule against posthumous awards, the Nobel Committee generally does not make posthumous nominations
After finishing her work on DNA, Franklin led pioneering work at Birkbeck on the molecular structures of viruses. Her team member Aaron Klug continued her research, winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. While all the men around her continued to win Nobel Prizes on her work it’s important to note she never received any for her pioneering works simply because she was born with a vagina!

We honor and thank you!

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This is our annual Valentines collection. If you’ve been with us a while you’ll know I HATE valentines, so instead of the typical valentines day collection. We give a spotlight to incredible women that have been done wrong throughout literature, history, music, and current events. So this is our Valentine to Women Done Wrong. I’m including a small write up of how they were done wrong, below the polish description. Feel free to skip it. There’s no quiz;)


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