Simone Veil


Simone Veil is a creamy navy blue with a gold to green magnetic pigment running through. She wore a lot of navy and I added a golden green magnetic to it to represent her amazing eyes!
Simone Veil a holocaust survivor who was separated from her family and held primarily at Auschwitz. She was only spared the gas chamber because she lied about her age making herself old enough for the hard labor camp. After four years at the age of 17 she was saved with only her sister surviving the camps with her. Seven years later she lost her beloved sister and her new son in a car accident. They had just left from visiting her. After the camps Simone returned to France and attended law school. She wanted to be a part of government and make sure no one suffered as she and her family did.
Simone Veil was a French magistrate and stateswoman who served as Health Minister and president of the European Parliament, the first woman to hold that office. she is best remembered for advancing women’s legal rights in France, in particular for the 1975 law that legalized abortion, today known as Loi Veil. Survival of the Holocaust, fighter of women rights and, the fifth woman in History to be buried in the Panthéon, her coffin met with thunderous applause the whole route. Her absence is still felt throughout Europe, and continues to be dearly missed. She is a true inspiration and example of how a woman can be forged in fire and lead with strength and kindness! We honor and thank you for your work and example!
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