Slick and Jaded


This is “Slick and Jaded,” from the “Oil Slick 360 Collection. For the 360, put the polish on a table, and walk around it, don’t move the polish, you move around it! You should see why I added 360!

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I like a thin polish, and these are no different. Three very thin coats, the first will be super sheer! The second builds really beautifully! Third a great thin finish! If you don’t like very thin coats, then two regular will give you full opacity as well. When creating these I used a base color and then bounced secondary and tertiary colors off it. To see the main color, all you need is the color in direct light. The secondary show easily in the shade, or indoors. (The easy to see shifts, I call them.) The Tertiary, those for me show in my car. Something about the light coming through the windshield makes those show every time! You’ll see them at other times, but that’s just a constant for me.

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Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .75 in

Gold, Green, Pink, Purple


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