The Black Dahlia


The Black Dahlia- a black jelly base with silver random cut shards as well as holographic flakes.

The Black Dahlia was a murder victim. She was dissected and dumped in a park. Because of the graphic nature of the murder, it became a circus! When the press had nothing new to report they made stuff up. Reporters wrote stories about her being promiscuous, having sex with men and women. They even reported that she made her living as a prostitute. The truth, she was a waitress in a coffee shop and died a virgin.

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This is our Anti-Valentines collection. If you’ve been with us a while you’ll know I HATE valentines! Always have! I dreaded it when I was in school. It made me terribly uncomfortable to have to write valentines to classmates I didn’t like. Anyhoo, because of this, I don’t do typical lovey-dovey Valentine’s crap! So this is the Women Done Wrong Collection. I’m including a small write up of how they were done wrong. Feel free to skip it. There’s no quiz.

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