Women Done Wrong 2021 Full Set


Third annual Women Done Wrong Collection! Our valentine to the women dismissed, disrespected, disenfranchised, and disregarded throughout history, literature, and politics!


Our 2021 Women Done Wrong collection includes the following polishes:

Stormé DeLarverie with a name like Stormé I had to make a storm in a bottle! She has a grey micro holographic glitter base to represent a dark sky with blue and purple shifting iridescent flakes. Do a little cloud and lightning magic.

Stacey Abrams wears a lot of pink purple and maroon. So this is a bit of a fuchsia base that shifts green, blue, purple, and gold. She has lavender micro holographic glitter and iridescent flakes that shift pink, green, blue, and purple.

Noor Inayat Khan didn’t wear much color, but I wanted something soft for her. She is a thermal cool she is a greyish lavender and warm pale pink. For interest, I added gold and peach flakes that shift pink green, blue, and purple.

Henrietta Lacks I obviously went for a blood look here. So she’s a blood red jelly with purple flakes that shift red for an amazing vampy shift and a brilliant red sparkle!

SPC. Vanessa Guillen She is a thermal, I went with military like colors. In the cool/cold state she is dark olive green, and a khaki greenish/brown warm/hot. I added camel colored flakes to complete the camo look and gold flakes to honor her gold star family.

Benazir Bhutto is our pastel slick in this set! She is a peach like gold I tried to match her commemorative coin and a strong aqua shift (reminiscent of a famous jewelry box blue) and her headscarf in a photo I found. She also shifts gold, green, turquoise and cerulean, and a bit of violet.

Simone Veil is a creamy navy blue with a gold to green magnetic pigment running through. She wore a lot of navy and I added a golden green magnetic to it to represent her amazing eyes!

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