Vanessa Guillen


SPC. Vanessa Guillen- She is a thermal, I went with military like colors. In the cool/cold state she is dark olive green, and a khaki greenish/brown warm/hot. I added camel colored flakes to complete the camo look and gold flakes to honor her gold star family.
SPC. Vanessa Guillen was a 20 year old US army soldier who was murdered  and dismembered by a fellow soldier who doesn’t deserve mention.
Before her murder Guillén had told her family that she was being sexually harassed by a still unnamed sergeant at Fort Hood, and that complaints by other female soldiers made against him had been dismissed. Her mother advised her to report him anyways, but Guillén responded that “she could put a stop to it herself,” then she went missing.
After a lackluster investigation her mother went public and told reporters she did not trust the U.S. Army’s handling of the investigation. She believed the family was “being kept in the dark” because few details had been released regarding Guillén’s disappearance. On June 13, 2020, hundreds of people assembled at the gates of Fort Hood to protest the lack of information on the case. Her body was found June 30 2020 and her case closed when the unmentionable killed himself. For her and for all women who put their lives on the line to serve our country we honor and thank you!
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